Clause Grand Opening

After six months of public beta, today Clause officially launches, welcoming businesses around the world to the first true connected contracting platform.

We look forward to helping more business digitize legal contracts and build innovative legal technology solutions, including:

  • Automating contract payments and notifications
  • Building smart master supply agreements
  • Connecting Smart Clause® Templates to existing IT systems
  • Creating Smart Clause® Templates with custom legal text and logic
  • And much more…

As Clause moves out of beta, we would like to thank the early adopters who helped put Clause through its paces. Over the course of our public beta, we have made great strides in providing a better and more powerful contracting experience.

Accompanying today’s launch, we are introducing Pay As You Go pricing and the Clause API.

Pay As You Go Pricing

Clause is no longer free to use. We have transitioned to a Pay As You Go pricing plan, meaning you only pay for what you use. There are no opaque plans or confusing tiers to worry about. You can continue making connected contracts for as little as $20 a month!

All new accounts will receive an account credit of $100 to evaluate Clause for free. As a special thank-you to our beta participants, all accounts that were created during our beta have received an account credit of $200.

Learn more about how our Pay As You Go plan works

Join Clause today to get your $100 account credit and bring true connected contracting to your business.

Clause API

In addition to a new pricing plan, our grand opening also brings the launch of the Clause API. Use the Clause API to create and manage smart legal contracts and to trigger them with data from external systems. Whether you are building an innovative startup, or automating your existing back-office contract management systems, Clause has you covered.

Learn more about our API at our new developer portal:

Manually Complete and Delete Contracts

You can now manually mark contracts with any status (draft, signing, running) as completed. This allows you to halt the automation of running contracts which don't contain a Smart Clause® Template that automatically sets the contract as completed.

To mark a contract as completed, click the dot menu icon in the contract dashboard or contract status page.

Then type "Complete" in the dialogue box to confirm, as marking a contract as complete is irreversible and should be done with care.

Want to delete a contract that's signing or running? You can do that now too, simply mark the contract as completed, and then delete it.

Have any questions? Visit or contact us at, or by using the chat icon within Clause.


  • Clause API launch
  • Manually mark contracts as completed
  • Clause has concluded the public beta and is now fully launched
  • Clause now uses a "Pay As You Go" pricing model
  • New accounts receive $100 in credit, accounts from the open beta receive $200 in credit