It's vacation time! If it's quiet in the office why not have a play with some of the lovely new Clause updates?



We've given the timeline a lick of paint! Timeline events are now colored differently depending on the contract lifecycle stage. This makes it easier to see the transition from Drafting to Signing to Running.

Template Upload

We like to keep up to date with the latest Accord Project releases, but sometimes the pace of change can be a little fast. That's why we now allow you to upload templates for older versions of Cicero too.

The list of supported Cicero versions is available in the Clause documentation.


View Contract State

The contract state is where contracts store any information that they need between updates. For example, if you need to record previous meter readings, or how much of a loan has been paid, the contract can store it in the state. Being able to view the current state of the contract is helpful to monitor its progress.

You can find the contract state on the Status tab next to the Timeline.

Support for Hyperledger Fabric 1.4

Clause now provides support for the latest release of Hyperledger Fabric. This includes support for service discovery and limited-use credentials for enrollment.

DisplayName support for Template API operations

You asked and Clause delivered! Our API users wanted to list templates with a nice human-readable name, so we added the new displayName property. This is available in the Template 'get metadata' and Libraries 'list' operations. Look out for these values appearing in Clause and our partner apps soon.

Beta Features

Form-based Smart Clause® Template Testing

We're trialling a new form-based format within the Smart Clause® Template Testing Sandbox. This form allows you to simulate the behaviour of your Smart Clause® Template in a safe sandbox environment. The form is automatically generated for any Smart Clause® Template that uses the latest Cicero version.

We've made the feature available to everyone, so let us know if you like it. Don't worry the old JSON editor is still available too!


  • Template Upload
  • Timeline
  • Support for Ergo 0.9.4
  • Support for Cicero 0.13.4