Today Clause is delighted to announce that we are joining the Hyperledger Project.

Clause is a NYC-based technology startup building software that will permanently transform the very nature of legal contracts into living, breathing, and integrated components of the digital world. Clause is developing a platform for the world’s first completely customizable legal data-driven contracts that connect to sensor and other data from the Internet of Things, web service APIs, and enterprise software systems.

The mission of Clause is to transition the world of legal contracting from a largely unintegrated static, paper-based, process to an integrated component of the increasingly data-driven business world. We do this by reengineering the paradigm of the legal contract. To this end, Clause is building the Contract Stack™ — a series of software layers that cover contract formation, execution, data integration, storage, and analytics — that will replace the paper or PDF contract we know today.

Distributed ledger technology is one piece of the puzzle when it comes to the future of legal contracting. A relatively new piece at that. Being the only member in contract lifecycle management enables Clause to uniquely contribute to the goals of the Hyperledger Project by bringing expertise and code that will advance distributed ledger technology in new directions. It will also enable us to engage more with the open source community, and better leverage existing and future Hyperledger projects in building the future of legal contracts.

Interested in what we are doing? Please visit, reach out to us:, or follow us on Twitter: @clauseHQ and AngelList: