The Clause engineering team has been incredibly busy over the past couple of months, rolling out the exciting Clause Kit™ feature. I couldn't be more proud of everything they've achieved, especially during such difficult circumstances.

Use a Clause Kit™ to bundle the business logic of a Smart Clause® template, together with a set of integration Flows®, along with arbitrary formatted contract text.

For example, at Clause we use a Clause Kit™ to make our smart Mutual NDA. A simple Smart Clause® template gathers the data about the party to the Mutual NDA and a flow notifies the interested parties that we've signed a new NDA. We also send the NDA data to Salesforce, but we will cover that in more detail in another blog post...

A simple Clause Kit™ with Create Contract button.

Contract managers that are sending out the Mutual NDA just have to press the "Create Contract" button and a fully instantiated smart Mutual NDA contract is created, ready for the details to be supplied, and the Flows® automatically come along for the ride.

Mutual NDA contract with a Smart Clause® template

The contract manager can then fill in the values for any variables in the Smart Clause® templates , inspect the Flows®, add the signatories and then send the contract out for electronic-signature using our powerful DocuSign integration.

Send a dynamic email when the Mutual NDA has been signed by all parties

Naturally contract managers get total visibility into the real-time state of the contract in the Contract Timeline, which shows all the contract events, both pre and post signature.

Contract timeline, showing real-time contract state

We can't wait to see how you will use a Clause Kit™ to bundle business logic, contract text and integration flows! 🚀

Don't hestitate to reach out if you'd like to schedule a demo.