We are proud to announce that Clause is now in Public Beta. That means that anyone can go to clause.io and sign up for an account.

Clause revolutionizes contracting by letting you change your contracts from static documents to connected contracts that can adapt to the changing world around them. This is done by adding Smart Clause® Templates to your contracts, which let you automate payments, notifications, invoices, and more.

We've released many improvements to Clause to get the public beta started off with a bang.

Let's see what's new...

Contract Dashboard

Our updated contract dashboard allows the user to see all of their current contracts on Clause and the status of each contract. Users can easily search and filter this list.

Upload Documents

We’ve added the ability to upload a Microsoft Word or PDF document to Clause. now you can draft your contracts in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other program that exports PDFs and import them directly to Clause.

Contract Editor

The document’s text is rendered in the new contract editor where it can be changed or added to. We’re constantly adding features to the editor to include the full range of formatting functionality you’d expect from modern document editors.

From the editor, you can browse our existing catalogue of Smart Clause® Templates and add them to your contract. You can edit the parameters of your Smart Clause® Instance in its settings or edit them directly in the contract text. Don't worry, if you edit something you're not supposed to, we'll let you know.

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Custom Integrations

Our new integration wizard makes configuring connections easy. We’ve added simple forms for triggering an email or HTTP request, while still allowing our more technical users to add advanced connections, such as Ether transfers. This UI is much friendlier than writing code in a text editor, which was previously needed in order to realize these types of abilities in smart contracts. Even so, we plan to continually improve this UI to be even more accessible for our non-technical users.

Audit Trail

Lastly, Clause captures contract events in a central system, which allows for a rich, consolidated audit trail. We’ve visualized this as a timeline in the contract editor where the user can see the full history of a contract.

One-click App Integrations

You can now connect your own HelloSign account, which allows for legally binding signatures to be captured. Connecting a Stripe account allows you to collect real payments. We’ll continue to add more app integrations, including support for other signature and payment providers, so please let us know which ones you’d like to see!

Check out the full webinar

We kicked off our public beta launch with a webinar. The webinar goes into greater detail about our public beta launch, new features, and plans for the future.


  • Upload Documents
  • Audit Trail
  • Timeline
  • Digitally sign contracts using HelloSign
  • Collect credit card payments using Stripe
  • One-click App Integrations
  • Our public beta launched, anyone can use Clause now!