Since we participated in the Logistics and Supply Chain hackathon and presented at the Bosch Connected World 2018 keynote, we’ve continued to onboard customers into our closed beta.

Image by Yon Heasley

The Clause engineering team (led by Dave Lee) has done fantastic work on the security, scalability and reliability of the platform, as well as our ability to quickly diagnose and fix issues. Most of this work happens beneath the surface, but is key to building a modern, reliable and scalable Internet presence. It also allows the CTO to sleep better at night! ;-)

Here are some of the elements of our stack, with more to come:

  • 3 isolated environments for development, staging and production, allowing us to safely test and promote code into production.
  • Deployments orchestrated from GitHub using AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS ECS used to scale and manage our Docker containers, including auto-restart in case of issues. Zero downtime code deploys.
  • Loggly for distributed log aggregation
  • New Relic for realtime performance analysis
  • MongoDB Atlas as an encrypted and distributed data store (currently 1 master and 2 replicas)
  • SSL rolled out across all environments
  • Load and performance testing using BlazeMeter
  • Internal node modules versioned using semantic versioning and published to an enterprise npm repository
  • Status monitoring using Pingdom

Thank you to all our great technology partners!

We are proud of our commitment to building a secure, reliable and scalable service that reflects the state of the art in industry best practices. Part of that commitment is listening to and learning from our peers; if you know of other technologies that you think we should be looking at, please drop a comment below.