Clause has lots of gifts for our users this holiday season, in the form of exciting new features! Read on to learn more...

Flows™ Released

Clause’s powerful new flows feature has exited beta and is now available to all Clause users! Using Flows, you can integrate data sources and web services with your contract by chaining steps together using clicks, not code. Using the Flows feature, users can now easily pull or push data into automated computable contracts without requiring the assistance of colleagues in IT.


  • HTTP
  • Recurring time-based
  • Stripe invoice payment

Flow™ Steps:

  • HTTP Web Service call
  • Slack message
  • Email
  • Stripe credit card charge
  • Stripe create invoice
  • JSON data transformation
  • Send data to a Kafka topic
  • Send data to MQTT topic

Learn more about Flows

Support for Stripe Invoicing

We have added a new step type, “Stripe Create Invoice”, which can be used in Action Flows to automate invoicing in response to a Payment Obligation being emitted by a Clause.

You can then use the Stripe Invoice Payment trigger to respond to payment of the invoice, or even use a recurring trigger to respond to non-payment.

New API functionality

Through the Clause API, you can now:

Beta: New Clause app for Zapier and Workato

We are hard at work creating Clause apps within Zapier and Workato, enabling smart legal contracts to easily integrate with the hundreds of widely-used commercial and enterprise apps supported by the platforms.

Zapier and Workato connectors will allow you to create new contracts from Dropbox, update objects in Salesforce, or create an invoice in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform when Clause contracts emit obligations.

You can get started immediately by requesting access to the Clause for Zapier and Clause for Workato betas by logging into Clause and using the chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen, or emailing us.

New Contract Editor Rollout

We are excited to announce that over the next couple of months, Clause is rolling out support for the latest version of Cicero, Version 0.20 along with a powerful new contract editor. Cicero is the technology behind Smart Clause templates.

The schedule for this rollout is as follows:

Private Beta, December 17th, 2019: select customers have access to the new contract editor and Cicero v0.20 templates. Sign-up here.

Public Beta, January 6th, 2020: all customers have access to the new contract editor and Cicero v0.20 templates. You may continue to use templates the require earlier version of Cicero in the legacy contract editor.

General Availability, Feb. 3rd, 2020: all customers must use the new contract editor and Cicero v0.20 templates. Templates that require earlier versions of Cicero will no longer be supported for new contracts. Existing running contracts will be unaffected.

Note that dates are subject to change, based on beta feedback.

Templates using Cicero 0.20 include many new capabilities, such as:

  • improved formatting options like header styling, bulleted lists, and code snippets
  • clause text that can be enabled and disabled conditionally
  • dynamic text generation by letting you write Ergo expressions within your template text

Learn more about Cicero 0.20

The new contract editor supports powerful formatting options, improved performance and usability, and the ability to copy/paste HTML text.

Contact us to request to participate in the private beta and help put this exciting new feature through its paces.

Migrating your custom templates to Cicero 0.20

Learn how to migrate Cicero 0.13 templates to Cicero 0.20

If you need help, please feel free to chat with us by logging into your Clause account and clicking on the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Copy contracts

You can now make copies of your contracts in Clause. This feature has many uses, such as enabling the creation of ad-hoc templates to test different approaches or use as the basis for multiple running contracts without having to begin the drafting and integration process from scratch. Simply create a contract and copy it indefinitely to use it as a template. Even running contracts can be copied, however the copy will be in the editable drafting state.

Template Library Performance

The performance of the template library page has been greatly improved. No more waiting for your organization’s contract and clause templates to load.


  • Flows™ Released
  • Support for Stripe Invoicing
  • New API functionality
  • Beta: New Clause app for Zapier and Workato
  • New Contract Editor Rollout
  • Copy contracts
  • Improved Template Library Performance