Happy Holidays!

We're giving a very special holiday gift to participants in the Clause Public Beta: a brand new update to Clause.

For this update, we've focused on refining the overall experience. So while there aren't any new features, the Clause Platform is more stable and reliable.

To celebrate the holidays, Clause will have a special easter egg on clause.io and hub.clause.io on December 24th and 25th. Be sure to check it out!


The Clause platform now uses a new, branded loading animation.

Cicero 0.9.11

The Clause platform now runs Accord Project Cicero v0.9.11, which includes improved support for manipulating dates and time. While we're on the subject, check out Cicero's new logo!

Clause Template Studio Update

We've continued improving the Clause Template Studio, where you can create your own Smart Clause® Templates. Clause Template Studio now supports Cicero 0.9.11 and has an improved UI.

That's All for Now

We hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. See you in 2019!


  • Old contracts on Clause have been migrated to the new contract format
  • Branded loading animation
  • Log on to Clause on December 24th or 25th for a small surprise
  • Made UI more visually consistent
  • Clause now runs Cicero 0.9.11 and Ergo 0.5.7 from the Accord Project, including better support for operations over date and time
  • Improved alert and confirmation dialogs
  • Updated studio.clause.io to use Cicero v0.9.11