Happy Valentine's Day

Clause loves our users so much, that we've prepared the best Valentine's Day gift there is: a new update with an exciting new app connection.


We're excited to announce that contracts drafted in Clause can now be signed with DocuSign, the most widely used eSignature provider.

You can connect your existing DocuSign account by navigating the apps tab on the settings page, clicking "connect," and following the prompts.

Once your Clause account is connected to your DocuSign account, any contracts you send for signature will use DocuSign for the eSignature. All parties to the contract will sign with the easy-to-use signature workflow DocuSign is known for.

It is as easy as that to enable DocuSign to trigger execution of smart contracts!

Webinar: Contract Payments Simplified

Thursday Feb. 21st, 2019 at 1pm EST

Join us for an interactive webinar on how to improve any type of agreement that requires payment upon signature, and how to create your own customized Smart Clause® using the Clause Template Studio.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • the wide range of use cases for payments upon signature
  • how to use Clause to automate payment when a contract is signed
  • how to easily add Smart Clauses to your existing agreements.

Register for the webinar

Our beta is coming to a close soon, and that means sometime in the coming months Clause will no longer be free to use. Make sure to squeeze in as much use of Clause as you can while it's free! Don't forget to give us feedback through the chat window in the lower right of Clause.


  • Clause users can now sign Smart Contracts with DocuSign
  • The Clause Beta is coming to a close soon, and Clause will no longer be free to use. Get the most out of free automated contract drafting while you can!