New Contract Editor

This month we launched the public beta of the new contract editor and Cicero 0.20 templates.

Templates using Cicero 0.20 include many new capabilities, such as improved rich text formatting options like header styling, bulleted lists, and code snippets.

Learn more about Cicero 0.20

To support Cicero 0.20 we have released a new contract editor with powerful formatting options, improved performance and usability, and the ability to copy/paste HTML text.

You may continue to use templates that require the earlier version of Cicero in the legacy contract editor, accessible from your contract dashboard.

In the coming weeks, we will no longer support the legacy contract editor and Cicero 0.13 (or earlier) format templates in new contracts. Existing running contracts will be unaffected.

We appreciate the feedback of the participants in the private beta who have helped us get to this point, and welcome more feedback. Just email us at or use the chat icon at the bottom right of your Clause dashboard.

Learn more about the beta rollout

Download Contracts as Markdown

You can now download contracts as markdown files, enabling you to easily move them to any editor that uses markdown formatting. Smart Clause® Templates are preserved in the markdown so you can even move your Smart Contract to any editor that uses the Accord Project template specification.

Upload docx, pdf, and Markdown Files to New Contract Editor

The new contract editor can automatically import the most common file types, allowing users to upload their existing document files to the contract editor instead of starting a new contract from scratch. You can even use our REST API to instantiate contracts with Smart Clause® Templates from markdown.


  • New Contract Editor
  • Download Contracts as Markdown
  • Upload docx, pdf, and Markdown Files to New Contract Editor