Happy Lunar New Year🏮🧧! To kick off the year of the Ox 🐂, we have an ox-sized update that includes improvements to Flows, the trial experience, and Clause's integration with DocuSign and other services.

Clause for DocuSign®

Authenticating DocuSign Connect Messages

If you are using DocuSign Connect to send DocuSign events to Clause, you can now increase the security of this integration by configuring HMAC verification. Turning on this option in your DocuSign Connect settings allows Clause to verify the authenticity of a message and its contents, ensuring that the message was sent by DocuSign and was not modified in transit.

For instructions on how to include an HMAC Signature with DocuSign Connect events, see the "Configure HMAC Signature" section of Receiving DocuSign Connect Events.

DocuSign Connect Trigger

Clause users with a DocuSign account can use the DocuSign Listener to enable their Smart Clause® Templates to respond to DocuSign Connect events.


Send for Signature using DocuSign Templates

You can now associate a DocuSign template with your contracts within Clause. When the contract is sent for signature using DocuSign, the associated envelope template will be applied to your contract in Clause, allowing you to use Data Verification Smart Clause® templates during the signing ceremony.

Note that you can specify the roles of your respective signers when you add a signatory to your contract.

DocuSign Configuration Widget

There are a few steps  to connecting your Clause and DocuSign accounts for the first time. We've streamlined that process by adding a simple checklist to walk DocuSign users through the necessary steps to get the most out of Clause. These tasks can be completed in any order and are found on the "Overview" page of your Clause account.

Other Integrations

Salesforce Integration

Our Salesforce integration is now generally available, allowing Salesforce users to link their Clause account to Salesforce and to create Flows that create, read, and update Salesforce entities using the Salesforce REST API.

GIACT Integration

Our latest integration with GIACT deepens our ability to help customers combat fraud and speed up customer transactions using smart agreements. The GIACT app within Clause offers access to GIACT’s EPIC Platform, which is a comprehensive suite of services for enrollment, payment, identity, and compliance. By connecting to GIACT data, customers can now turn on real-time identification, verification, and authentication of bank account and customer data inside the documents, forms, and contracts they send out to customers for e-signature.

Trial Experience

We’ve improved the trial experience for Clause Verify based on user feedback. The updated trial contextually guides users for the duration of the trial (30 days) in order to quickly see how data verification within the e-signature process works. Clause Verify, built on the Clause platform, makes documents capable of instantly verifying the data that signers enter into them before electronically completing signing—from banking information to professional credentials. Clause Verify for DocuSign is natively included in DocuSign eSignature and powers data verification inside envelopes. The trial shows Clause Verify for 3 user roles:

  1. Your customers: entering data into eSignature envelopes right before signing;
  2. DocuSign admin: adding Smart Clause® and Kit templates into documents to make them verification-ready before sending; and
  3. Clause admin: configuring Clause Kits to integrate with APIs and software systems of your choice.


Flows are incredibly powerful, but they can sometimes be a little intimidating for new users. This month we've been working hard to simplify some concepts and make Flows more accessible.

  1. "Trigger Flows" and "Action Flows" are now just "Flows". We've merged the two concepts in the Flow editor. You have all of the same Flow trigger types and steps, we've just made them easier to find. This change also makes the user interface consistent with our API.
  2. Previously, we used to mandate that "Trigger Flows" had a Smart Clause trigger as a final step. This constraint has now been removed. Smart Clause instances can be used with any trigger type now.