This update includes many improvements to the Flows™ feature. With Flows™, users can now easily pull or push data into automated computable contracts without requiring the assistance of colleagues in IT.

HTTP Trigger UI Improvements

  • To copy a trigger URL or Bearer Token, you can now simply click a new “copy” button to copy the sequence to your clipboard.
  • Code snippets demonstrating how to send data to a Flow™ are now automatically generated. You can choose between a variety of programming languages.

Improved Error Messages for Flow™ Steps

Flow steps now feature more detailed error messages for each field, helping guide users in creating functional flows.

Multiline Stripe Invoices

The Stripe, Create Invoice step now supports creating Stripe invoices with multiple line items.

Connect Your Apps to Clause

Developers can now provision their own OAuth client id on the Settings > Developers page.

Every application that accesses the Clause API needs to have a unique identifier. This helps users to identify your application when they are deciding if they are comfortable granting access to their data. The unique identifier is called the Client ID. You can generate a Client ID and Client Secret from the Developers settings page once you've logged into Clause Hub.

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  • HTTP Trigger UI Improvements
  • Improved Error Messages for Flow™ Steps
  • Multiline Stripe Invoices
  • Connect Your Apps to Clause