Log in with Google

We've made it even easier for people to sign-up for Clause using their Gmail addresses, adding support for signing in using Google authentication. We now support email/password login, login with Google and login with DocuSign credentials.

Clause Verify with Plaid

Clause Verify allows you to validate financial data, perform compliance checks, and automate actions in real-time at eSignature. When you're accessing personal information, it's important that your customers know who they are trusting their data to.

Starting February 1st, when you send Clause Verify links to your users to request access to financial data via Plaid, the user will see your Clause organization name.

You can make changes to the name of your Clause organization under Settings → Organization Settings.

Data Retention Settings

We've added settings in Clause to make it easier for users to control what data is retained and for how long. These settings can be enabled or disabled for an organization by an administrator by visiting Settings > Organization Settings > Data Retention Policy.

When the “Delete contract when DocuSign Connect “Envelope Completed” event is received” setting is enabled, your Clause contract that was created by sending a DocuSign envelope will be deleted when that DocuSign envelope is completed (all parties have signed the envelope).

When the “Delete request and response transaction payloads from contract timeline” setting is enabled, request and response transaction payloads to Smart Clause® instances will not be stored and will therefore not be displayed in the contract timeline, ensuring that potentially sensitive personally identifiable information is not persisted to Clause servers.

We have put both of these settings under the control of organization administrators so they can enforce different policies across development, test and production organizations.