A New Year of Clause

We have some big plans for Clause this year. We can't share any details yet, but look forward to some exciting changes to Clause on the horizon!

Our beta is coming to a close soon, and that means sometime in the coming months Clause will no longer be free to use. Make sure to squeeze in as much use of Clause as you can while it's free! Don't forget to give us feedback through the chat window in the lower right of Clause.

Cicero v0.10.1 Supported

We have updated Clause and studio.clause.io to support Cicero version v0.10.1, the latest version of Accord Project Cicero. You review the details of the updates here and here. Some of the highlights include:

  • Ergo feels more modern now with support for operator overloading!
  • Handling time is important in contracts: you need to know when a delivery is late, you need to calculate penalties based on how late it is, you need to decide if a clause applies based on the current date. We've completely overhauled support for time-based calculations with a new library for manipulating dates, time, and durations.
  • Several performance improvements should make template editing more responsive.


  • Paid plans coming soon
  • Cicero v0.10.1 Support