We've been busy!

We've been working on several major new features that are starting to roll out with this update, including the ability to test your Smart Clause® templates and manipulate data inputs and outputs from those templates.

New Features

Improved Login/Signup

Clause now features a simplified login and account signup experience based on the OAuth standard. This also makes it easier to authorize other apps to integrate with your Clause account.

Timeline Improvements

We've made some very nice UX improvements to the contract timeline. You can now reverse the sort of the timeline, so that the newest events are at the top of the timeline, and view the details of trigger requests (to see the request and response JSON data).

Sorting the timeline
Press the sort icon to reverse the order of the timeline
JSON data for a smart clause trigger
JSON data for a Smart Clause Trigger
Viewing the details for Smart Clause triggers
Press the Details link to view the JSON data for triggers

Download Template Archive

We've made it easier for users to download Accord Project template archives. To do this, simply go to the template page, select a template, and scroll to the bottom of the template details to click "Download Archive". Note that currently we only support downloading Accord Project template archives. We will work to remove that limitation in the future.

You can then upload the template archive to the Clause Template Studio™ or edit the archive in the code editor of your choice.

Contract Testing

Adds ability to send test mode requests to the Trigger API, from the contract page in Clause Hub:

This lets the contract owner to test each clause individually before finalizing the contract. Note, that test trigger requests currently incur the same charge as regular trigger requests.

Testing Sandbox for Smart Clauses
Send test requests to your Smart Clauses and view responses using the Testing Sandbox

Beta Features

We are developing some features that aren't quite ready for the limelight, however, you can preview these features and help us beta test them by requesting beta access in the Intercom dialogue at the bottom right of Clause, or support@clause.io.

Clause API

The Clause Developer Portal has had a refresh. Content is now easier to find and easier on the eye!

We've also released several new API operations, including File Upload and Template Schema Generation.

  • The File Upload operation allows you to programmatically upload Contract documents to Clause from your application.
  • Template Schema Generation, lets you create JSON schema models from Templates models. This is great for those users wanting to generate User Interface components to interact with Smart Clause Templates.

Flows™ (Beta)

Trigger flows enable the user to configure inbound HTTP integrations and JSON transformations when triggering a clause in a contract. Steps in a Flow can be chained together for integration with data sources and web services, ranging from simple API integrations to complex and conditional events. Using the Flows feature, users can now easily build workflows that include contract documents! Learn how to create your first trigger flow.

After a Smart Clause has been added to a contract, a trigger flow can be added by clicking on "+Add additional trigger flow":

Use the new flow editor to edit the HTTP and JSON transformation nodes for your flow.

Flow editor
Using the Flows Editor to specify an HTTP call followed by a JSON transformation

Accord Project Cicero and Ergo Updates

Cicero 0.13.0

Clause now supports Cicero v0.13. This release of Cicero is focused on overhauling error handling and improved error reporting. Errors use a new type hierarchy which works harmoniously across Cicero, Composer Concerto and Ergo!

It also includes some bug fixes, and integrates new Ergo features: array index access, a new logging expression, support for compiler warnings and new built-in functions.

Use Clause Template Studio to create custom Cicero v0.13 templates and then upload them to your private template library on Clause. Read more about Cicero v0.13.0.

Ergo 0.9.0

This release is focused on overhauling error handling and improved error reporting.

The release also includes language and compiler changes: array index access, a new logging expression, support for compiler warnings and new built-in functions. Read more about Ergo 0.9.0.


  • Improved login experience
  • Ability to download Smart Clause® template archives
  • Ability to test Smart Clause templates
  • Beta: New Clause API Operations
  • Beta: Flows™
  • Support for Cicero 0.13.0
  • Support for Ergo 0.9.0
  • Support for OAuth