We’re pleased to announce today the public availability of the Clause API.

The value of smart legal agreements can only really be realised when they are connected to your business data. Hence Clause’s tagline, Connected Contracting.

The Clause API lets third-party systems create and manage connected contracts in a secure and modern way — just like you can in the Clause user interface. However, don’t worry, before a third-party app can access your Clause account it will have to request your permission and tell you what data it wants access to. Plus, you will not need to give third-party apps your Clause password.

Clause API documentation from developers.clause.io

We’ve taken our time with this feature; publishing a public API is a commitment to support a stable interface and to responsibly manage changes. We’re now at that stage.

The API has also been independently tested by third-party security researchers both as part of a scheduled web application review and under our public vulnerability disclosure programme.

We’re drinking our own champagne too: the core Clause user-interface, Clause Hub, has been migrated to use the Clause API. What’s more, our awesome engineering team performed the migration without downtime and without requiring our users to change their passwords.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are already doing with the Clause API.


DocuSign uses the Clause API to power its Smart Clause capability. As the market leader in digital signatures, DocuSign knows a thing or two about digital agreements.

When you add Smart Clause® templates to a DocuSign Envelope, the signature capture is only the start of a digital agreement. During signature, a Smart Clause can do data validation, send user-entered data to a Smart Clause and trigger the start of a running contract in your Clause account.

Find out more about the Clause and DocuSign integration.

Workato & Zapier

These no-code platforms allow different departments within an organization to connect their enterprise systems and web application to automate back-office processes without significant IT resources. For example, Workato is used to generate invoices in Sage Intacct when opportunities are closed in Salesforce or use Zapier to audit your contract obligations in Google Sheets. Together Workato and Zapier include over 1500 connectors for common enterprise on-cloud and on-premises systems.

Try the Clause App on Zapier

Thanks to the new Clause API, Workato and Zapier users can now also integrate their existing systems with Clause contracts. Both connectors can create contracts automatically in Clause (say for example when a contract is created in Salesforce). Alternatively, you can trigger other systems when a running contract emits obligation events, for example, to settle or process a payment obligation in a finance system.

Try the Clause connector on Workato


It’s not just technology companies that are using the Clause API. BakerHostetler’s Fuel Surcharge solution uses the Clause platform to manage shipping contracts for BakerHosteler’s clients.

Read the BakerHostetler case study.

If you’re not a developer, you can take advantage of our partner’s efforts today and you won’t even know that you’re using the Clause API.

However, if you’ve got a great idea for a connected contract, get in touch!

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