Hyperledger Fabric App

Clause now enables users to connect their contracts to Hyperledger Fabric blockchain networks. Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise grade permissioned distributed ledger platform with a focus on developing solutions using a modular architecture. Hyperledger Fabric is a framework hosted by the Hyperledger Project of the Linux Foundation.

Organizations such as IBM, Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft host versions of Hyperledger Fabric, or you can run your own. The project enhances traceability and transparency across a wide variety of sectors. In global food supply chain, for example, Walmart uses Hyperledger Fabric to track more than 25 products from four different suppliers.

Using the Hyperledger Fabric App

You can find the Hyperledger Fabric App in the apps section of Clause's settings tab.

Learn how to connect the Hyperledger Fabric App

With this new app connection, you can configure your Smart Clauses® to write an event to your Hyperledger Fabric blockchain whenever the Smart Clause is triggered. For example, if you connect your Hyperledger Fabric blockchain to a Full Payment Upon Signature Smart Clause, an audit trail event will be written to the blockchain when the seller signs the contract.

Learn how to Send Actions to Hyperledger Fabric

New Release Cadence

Our team used to release updates on a scheduled cadence. As of today, we release new features for Clause when they're ready, not on a set schedule. This means new features can be released and used sooner. Look forward to smaller, but more frequent updates.

Our beta is coming to a close soon, and that means sometime in the coming months Clause will no longer be free to use. Make sure to squeeze in as much use of Clause as you can while it's free! Don't forget to give us feedback through the chat window in the lower right of Clause.