Clause® User Experience Improvements

Improved Performance

In the last few weeks, we have made many optimizations to Clause that make it run much faster. Slow loading times will no longer get in the way of your contract drafting.

Improved Clause UI

Clause’s UI has undergone many improvements in the last month, including more visual consistency, less unnecessary clutter, and a new navigation sidebar that simplifies finding features in Clause.

Improved Contract Timeline

We have improved the Clause timeline to make failed triggers more noticeable, enabling users to quickly identify issues while testing their smart contracts.

Clause Elements

For some vertical markets the Clause user interface may be too generic, complex or can benefit from deep integration with existing systems.

Developers building such Powered by Clause solutions can choose to build their own user interface, connected to Clause via the powerful set of Clause APIs.

Clause Elements are React components that can drastically shorten the time to market for Powered by Clause solutions that require custom user interface development.

One React component offered through Clause Elements is the Template Library, which you can use to display a set of Smart Clause® templates; including buttons to view details or insert a template into a contract.

New Verify and Enforce Template Libraries

Clause now features two curated template libraries: Verify and Enforce.

Clause Verify

The experience of customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders suffers every time a document-based process has to be restarted because of inaccurate contract data. The Clause Verify templates help ensure accurate contract data before signature.

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Clause Enforce

Enforce solves the operational, data transparency, and relationship challenges that stem from ensuring these clauses are complied in strict and accurate compliance with the negotiated agreement of the parties

Contact us if you would like to work together on creating Smart Clause® templates for your unique use case.

Conditional Variable Support

Clause now supports conditional variables in Cicero V 0.20. Conditional variables are text that can be toggled on or off, or between two options (see below). This allows for more customizable Smart Clause® Templates that can be adapted to a wider variety of business situations.

Users can choose to toggle conditional variables from within the Smart Clause® Template text (Above) or in the sidebar (below).

Sample Payload Generation for Code Samples

Clause can now automatically generate sample payloads in flows. This allows you to send data to the Clause API without having to look up request types in the template library or template source code.


  • Improved performance
  • Improved Clause UI
  • Improved contract timeline with failed trigger notifications
  • Clause Elements
  • New Verify and Enforce template libraries
  • Conditional Variable Support
  • Sample Payload Generation for Code Samples