Usage Page

We've added a new usage page to our settings. Now you can track your usage of Clause in real time and estimate what your bill will be at the end of the billing cycle.

Cicero v0.12 Support

Clause now supports Cicero v0.12. This release of Cicero features brand new markup for specifying the format of Dates and Times in templates (i.e. MM/DD/YYYY vs DD/MM/YYYY), adding the ability to specify timezone offsets, improvements to the metadata in templates and various internal improvements and bug fixes.

Use to create custom Cicero v0.12 templates and then upload them to your private template library on Clause.

Read more about Cicero v0.12.0

Removed Usernames

Choosing a username is no longer part of the signup process. After much internal debate we're making things simpler by using user emails as identifiers.

DocuSign® Listener Now Supports Recipient Tabs

We've extended the DocuSign Listener to interpret an envelope's recipient tabs and send this data to a Smart Clause® Template instance. When sending an envelope in the DocuSign user interface, users can easily drag recipient tabs as tags onto their document, which can be filled out by either the sender or the recipient. After dragging on a recipient tab, edit the "Data Label" on DocuSign to be a variable name that can be mapped to your Smart Clause® template. You can also change the tab type or validation depending on which data type the Smart Clause® template expects. See the "Using Recipient Tab Statuses" section of our Receiving DocuSign Connect Events documentation for more information.
Note: With the release of the new DocuSign Listener, templates using the previous DocuSign Listener will not be supported. To migrate a custom template that uses the previous DocuSign Listener, update the version number of your Smart Clause® Template, re-run `cicero archive`, and upload the new CTA file to your Clause account.


  • New Usage page
  • Support for Cicero v0.12.0
  • Removed usernames
  • DocuSign Listener support for recipient tabs