Clause University

We’ve launched our online training platform and community for customers and business partners - Clause University. Take online courses, acquire badges and improve your knowledge of Smart Legal Contracts, contract automation and how Clause can improve the efficiency of your business. In addition you can track upcoming events and exchange experiences and best practices with fellow users.

Visit to get started.

We recommend starting with the Contract Automation and Clause Verify courses.

Clause Kit™

Kits let you reuse the integrated sections of a document. Now your legal engineer (or other friendly tech-person) can package up a Smart Clause® template and some system integrations so that you can repeat, repeat, repeat! This means that to assemble a connected contract, you don’t need to understand how the data flow works.

For example, a Clause Kit™ could contain your favorite Acceptance of Delivery clause, pre-populated with values that are relevant to you, and pre-configured to receive data from your courier and to update your accounting system.

Kits work the same way as Smart Clause® templates, just choose one from your library when you’re drafting and drop it into the editor.

If you’re a developer, we’ve made a guide to creating Kits, which you can then upload to your library, and we’ve even published our API so that you can wire Kits directly into your code pipeline.

Workato and Zapier app integration

Clause now integrates with Workato and Zapier. Extend the power of your Smart Clauses using these tools’ flexible app integrations and automations. By supporting these two integration platforms, Clause now enables users to integrate with the hundreds of apps supported by Workato and Zapier.

Improved Contract Editor

We’ve overhauled the new contract editor to be more responsive, faster, and better at handling large documents. This update includes some other improvements to the contract editor, including:

More visible variable fields

Variable fields now stand out more and are more intuitive to use.

Improved support for large contracts

The contract editor's performance has been improved, allowing you to work with large contracts over 50 pages much more easily.

Images in contracts

Research published in IEEE by Stefania Passera, Anne Kankaanranta, Leena Louhiala-Salminen found that using images in contracts or documents can enhance understanding:

“We found that integrating diagrams into contracts support faster and more accurate comprehension of contracts; unexpectedly, legal background and different cognitive styles do not interact with this main effect. We also discovered that both native and non-native speakers of English benefit from the presence of diagrams in terms of accuracy, but that this effect is particularly strong for non- native speakers. The implication of the study is that adding diagrams to contracts can help global communicators to understand such documents more quickly and accurately. “

Clause now supports including images within your contracts, including uploading existing images from MS Word documents.

Images can be useful in the body of a contract to explain complex processes or procedures, or to include technical diagrams or schematics as part of an appendix or annexure, or simply to add branding to your cover page.


When editing flows, you can now edit multiple flow steps at once. Previously, users had to close the flow step they were editing to be able to open another flow step. Editing multiple flow steps at once allows you to refer to other flow steps when you are editing one, creating a more convenient editing experience.