New DocuSign® Integrations

In a previous update, we released the first part of our integration with DocuSign®: the ability to sign Smart Contracts drafted in Clause with DocuSign. Today we're proud to unveil the second part of our integration with the world's most widely used eSignature provider, DocuSign.

DocuSign Listener

Clause users with a DocuSign account can enable their Smart Clause® Instance to respond to DocuSign Connect events using the DocuSign Listener. The DocuSign Listener allows a Smart Clause® Instance to be triggered upon signature/rejection of any DocuSign envelope. For example, using the DocuSign Listener you can aggregate signature events from a collection of related envelopes, taking action as appropriate, even based on custom envelope fields.

If you'd like to try out the DocuSign Listener with a simple example, try adding the docusign-connect Smart Clause® Instance from the Accord Project Library to your Clause contract. This Smart Clause listens for a specified envelope status event and increments a counter each time an event is emitted with that envelope status.

Learn how to add this functionality to your own Smart Contracts with this tutorial.

Example DocuSign® Listener Use Case: Milestone-Based Payments

The DocuSign Listener is useful for any cases where milestone-based payments are necessary. Let's consider a contract between a construction company and their client.

Upon the completion of each phase of the construction project, a detailed engineering inspection is carried out and a DocuSign envelope is created by the construction company. When the envelope is signed by the client acknowledging approval of the milestone deliverable, a Smart Clause® Instance is triggered, emitting a payment obligation from the client to the construction company. The client and construction company can use custom fields in the envelope to list any monetary deductions based on any flaws revealed in the engineering inspection.

This ensures that the client only pays when the milestones are approved, and that the construction company is paid in a timely manner. Both parties benefit from the integration between Clause and DocuSign.

See more use cases and learn how to sign your Smart Contracts in Clause with DocuSign


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