Mike, welcome to Clause! We are really thrilled that you have joined the team.  Why did you decide to make the jump from Adobe, VP Sales, North America, to join Clause?

I joined Clause for three reasons.  

1) The opportunity.  We have a tremendous opportunity to remove friction from the digital document workflow.  This friction exists because the document, (ie, the form, the agreement, the contract, the envelope, etc) is disconnected from other systems limiting the manner in which data can be shared and actions taken.  Solving this problem is fundamental to delivering on the promise of digital transformation.  

2) The timing.  The market needs to get more out of their digital investments, and this begins with agreements — the documents that define the relationships with customers, partners and employees.  e-Signature, for example,  has limitations, and we can help.  Additionally, with the onset of Covid-19, our world has suddenly become more digitally dependent. Digital solutions must redefine how banks deliver loans, how our kids get educated, how employees are hired.  Everything has changed and we have an opportunity (and an obligation!) to drive the narrative for how agreements and contracts immediately evolve.

3) The people.  I did a lot of research on Clause prior to joining —   not just about the product, but also about the team.  In addition to speaking with Clause execs, I also spoke with several people within DocuSign, as well as our board of directors.  I needed to have a sense for the culture of the company, as this is essential to lasting success.   Suffice to say — I’m excited to be part of a team characterized as being creative, curious, and with a healthy dose of intensity.

With so much experience selling CRM, ERP, Contract Lifecycle Management and eSignature you have deep expertise in where the pain points are for many enterprises, as they embark on their digital transformation projects. What are the capabilities that you believe will give companies an edge in the years to come?

As companies evaluate their digital maturity, I believe the single most important success metric is customer experience.  When an enterprise is engaged with their customer during a digital transaction (enrolling for a service, submitting a claim, accepting an offer, applying for a loan) do they have the information available in real-time to execute that agreement?  Then, once executed, can they share information with downstream systems so their understanding about their customer serves future decisions?  This is all about immediate access to relevant data — remove friction, drive speed.  

We are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, which must be a challenge, professionally and personally. How are you dealing with it, and do you have any advice for people trying to do business in this environment?

For me, this pandemic is a very strong reminder of how important it is to check-in on your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.  Everyone is dealing with some level of personal and professional stress at the moment, so entering a conversation with empathy is an area I’m really focused on. (Still a work in progress.)  In terms of advice on how to do business in this crazy environment, I’d simply recommend that you listen, you learn and you figure out how to add value.  Times of crisis are the best times to help others.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I love being with my wife and three kids, of course.  Soccer, lacrosse, basketball, football, running — my weekends are filled with all their activities and I love it.  I enjoy cooking dinner for our family, and when given the opportunity, fly fishing is the most therapeutic activity on the planet.