Clause Verify for DocuSign® Trial

New users logging in with a DocuSign® account are now automatically enrolled into a guided trial experience: walking you through how to integrate Clause with DocuSign, sending your first DocuSign smart envelope, experiencing the smart envelope signing experience, and creating your own smart envelope. We hope you enjoy the new trial experience, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Help > Live Chat!

Existing users can join the trial by going to the Overview page in the upper left corner of the Clause UI.

User Roles & Permissions

Members of organizations can now be assigned to one of two roles: administrator or editor. A user's role is specific to an organization. If a user is in two or more organizations, that user can have different roles in each.

A user’s role determines what actions that user can take within a Clause organization. An administrator has all permissions, while an editor has limited permissions. This ensures only certain users can do things like add other users to the organization or update billing information.

View the documentation for a full list of how the permissions between these two roles differ. In the future, we’ll be adding more roles, so please let us know your requirements!

Account Signup and Log In improvements

Log In/Signup With DocuSign

If you have a DocuSign account you can now use it to login to Clause. One less password to remember, or store!

Multi-Factor Authentication

Clause now supports Multi-Factor Authentication using your choice of authenticator app or SMS text message. Thanks to this, the platform is more secure than ever.

New Clause Website

For the last couple months, we’ve been hard at work on a big update to our website at Featuring beautiful illustrations by Alicja Colon, the improved website is much easier to navigate and learn about how Clause can improve your business. If you haven’t seen the new site yet, check it out.

Introducing Smart Agreements

Watch the Webinar

On October 29, 2020, Tom Gonser, the Founder of DocuSign and current Partner at Seven Peaks Ventures, discussed the emergence of smart agreements with Clause executives Peter Hunn (CEO & Founder) and Mike Boyden (Chief Revenue Officer).

Get access to the recording to see Tom, Peter, and Mike talk about:

(1) How smart agreements work, building on the foundation of eSignature technology

(2) Key industry trends that are driving the adoption of smart agreements, particularly within financial services, insurance, and healthcare

(3) What the vision of smart agreements promises for the future of business

Read the White Paper

In this white paper, we show you how businesses are taking advantage of smart agreements today, and where the technology can take us in the future.

  • From eSignature to Smart Agreements
  • The Problem: Value Gaps in Agreements
  • The Solution: Smart Agreements
  • The Vision: Contract Stack

Read a foreword by the tech and eSignature visionary, Tom Gonser, the Founder of DocuSign®, the global leader in digital signature technology.