Happy Thanksgiving!

Our US employees are back from Thanksgiving, and everyone at Clause is thankful for the intrepid early adopters (across 31 countries!) who have put our public beta through its paces. Clause wouldn't be where it is today without you. We're excited to share some great updates that will make Clause a more flexible and powerful tool for creating connected contracts.

Don't forget to drop us a line through our in app messenger at the bottom right of the Clause interface if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi.

Without further ado, let's see what's new in the latest update!

Template Upload

We're very excited to release the biggest new feature since launching our public beta!

You can now upload your own Smart Clause® templates to Clause and share them with other members in your organization. Clause is now truly a platform for any templates that conform to the Accord Project template specification; allowing you to draft new contracts that contain Smart Clause® instances based on your own private templates, as well as running the logic of your templates, and connecting them to external systems, using the Clause scalable infrastructure.

Here's a quick tour of the improved Smart Clause® templates page.

Accord Project Library

You may already be familiar with this part of the Smart Clause® template page. By default, this page shows templates from the open source Accord Project that are free to use by anyone.

Private Smart Clause® Template Libraries

In addition to the Accord Project Template Library, your templates page now has a tab on the left side for a private library. If you are working in your organization scope, any Smart Clause® templates you upload here can be seen and used by other members in your organization. If you are working in your personal account scope, only you will be able to see and use these templates.

You can switch which scope you are viewing in the upper right of Clause's interface, next to your email.

The image below is what your private template library looks like when it's empty. The user in this example is viewing the library in their personal account scope, so only they will be able to see and use these templates. It includes links to articles that can help you make your first Smart Clause® template, how to upload your template to the library, and how to use the template in your contracts.

And what it looks like once you upload your first Smart Clause® Template:

You can create and edit Smart Clause® templates in Template Studio and then export it as a Cicero Template Archive (.cta) file and upload it to your private template library. Now you can use your new Smart Clause® Template in any of your contracts!

Improved audit trail

The audit trail has been improved to make it more informative and easier to understand. We've also updated the visual design of the audit trail.

Payment Upon Signature Smart Clause® Template

We've added a new basic Smart Clause called Payment Upon Signature. The natural language of this Smart Clause is less specific than the language of the Full Payment Upon Signature Smart Clause. This means Payment Upon Signature can be used for a greater variety of contracts and legal situations.

Want to make the terms of the payment more specific? Add natural language text before or after the Smart Clause® Template to change its legal meaning. Or you can even edit the text for the payment-upons-signature template in Template Studio, and upload it as your own custom payment template!

Apache Kafka Integration

Clause Actions can now be configured to send reliable messages to other systems via an Apache Kafka connection. Kafka is an open-source stream-processing software platform known for reliable and high performance messaging. This allows for a higher quality integration with third-party services such as Kaleido Connect.

Run contracts written using different versions of Cicero

The Clause platform now handles multiple versions of the Accord Project's Cicero templating system, so your old contracts will work even when Clause updates to a new version of Cicero. Clause currently supports Cicero versions 0.8.x and version 0.9.x. You can find the latest version of all the Accord Project templates at http://templates.accordproject.org. If you are using templates which require versions of Cicero prior to v0.8 please see the migration section below.

By updating your template version, you'll be able to take advantage of the latest developments from the Accord Project in your new contracts.


In this release we've done our best to migrate your Smart Clause® Templates based on templates that require Cicero versions prior to v0.8. For contracts that are in the DRAFTING state we automatically migrate the Smart Clause® Templates to the latest version of the template where possible. No migration is necessary for contracts created after the launch of the Public Beta thanks to the multi-version support described above. If you have any issues related to migration of your old contracts please contact us using the messaging icon within the app.


  • Users can now upload their own Smart Clause® templates and share them within their organization
  • Added Apache Kafka Integration for Clause Actions
  • Clause now supports multiple versions of the Cicero templating system, the latest being Cicero 0.9.8
  • Added a generic payment Smart Clause® Template called Payment Upon Signature
  • The contract editor now warns users if they attempt to close the window before it has automatically saved.
  • Custom Clause Action transformations can now use placeholders for clause and contract metadata