We love feedback!

We've received great feedback during our first few weeks of our public beta. Since our launch, we've been hard at work incorporating your feedback and improving Clause.

Have anything you'd like to share with us about your experience with Clause? Let us know by sending a message through our chat interface, at the bottom right corner of Clause after you log in.

Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Security is job #1 at Clause and this week we have published our disclosure policy so that security researchers can responsibly test Clause and be rewarded for their efforts. You can read more about our security strategy on the Clause Engineering blog.

Formatting options

You can now differentiate headers from normal text in your contract using the new formatting options. This is just the start of our formatting journey!

If you're like us, you might have dozens and dozens of contracts in your dashboard. We've updated Clause's search functionality to let users search their contracts by name, signatories, and tags.

Send reminders to signatories

We've updated the status tab in the contract editor to allow you to remind signatories to sign. When you click "resend invitation", we will resend their signature invitation via email.

Aesthetic updates

Login screen

Because first impressions last, we've improved the login and signup experience.

Connected Apps

The connected apps settings page has been updated to be more legible and informative.


  • Contract Editor: Smart Clause ®Templates can now be added to a contract from the Smart Clause® Template details pop-up
  • Contract Dashboard: Contracts can now be searched by name, signatory, or tags with the improved search bar
  • Resend signatory invitations from the contract status tab
  • Contract Editor: Text can now be formatted as a paragraph or a header
  • We've launched our Vulnerability Disclosure Program
  • Improved Connected Apps page
  • Improved login and signup experience
  • Clause now logs the user out after extended inactivity to help keep their account secure