The team has been as busy as ever, and we are excited to highlight some of the changes we’ve deployed over the past few weeks. There are three major themes in this update: Signature Blocks, experimental Salesforce support, and some very nice Cicero enhancements.

DocuSign® Signature Blocks

You can now add signature blocks to your contracts, assigning each signature block to a contract recipient for completion at signature. You can even create your own custom signature blocks using all the available DocuSign input tab types!

Signature Blocks automatically become input tabs within DocuSign tagger.

To learn more, read the Signature Block documentation

Salesforce® Integration (Experimental)

If you would like us to enable this experimental feature in your account please contact us via Help > Live Chat.

Salesforce Trigger

You can now connect your Salesforce account to your Clause account, to trigger Smart Clause® Instances when Salesforce objects are inserted, updated, or deleted. Follow the installation guide for administrators and then use the new Salesforce Trigger.

Updating Salesforce Objects

You can connect your Clause account to your Salesforce account, to insert, update or delete Salesforce objects when Smart Clause® instances emit obligations!

Go to Settings > Integrations > Apps to link your Salesforce account and then refer to the documentation on using an HTTP Step with the Salesforce REST API.

Cicero Enhancements

We’ve deployed Cicero version 0.21.9 to Clause, so you benefit from  many stability and performance improvements.  Please refer to the Cicero release notes for details. We’ve called out some of the enhancements we are excited about below.

Date/Time Formatting

You can now upload templates that format Date/Time variables using AM/PM notation, giving you more control over the text of your contracts

Form Editor for Smart Clause® Variables

We’ve made improvements to the usability, performance and features of the form used to edit Smart Clause variables. The form is now faster and is kept in-sync with the contract text. You can either edit variables within the contract editor itself, or using the form.

Dynamic forms are generated automatically based on the variables within your templates.

Any templates that reference an AccordParty data type allow you to select one of your contract recipients using a simple drop-down menu within the form.

PDF Enhancements

Significant improvements to the quality of the import from PDF, including better whitespace handling, as well as improvements to the styling, margins and formatting of PDFs generated for contracts.

JSON Schema Enhancements

The JSON Schema generated for template models via the API has been significantly improved, and it now includes far more detail from the source models, including: tighter numeric and string validation, as well as better handling of complex models.