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For Halloween eve, Clause is giving our users a few treats, in the form of new features for the Clause platform! Much more satisfying than Halloween candy, in my opinion.

Let's take a look at what's new:

FlowsTM Beta Features

We are excited to announce even more features in our Flows Beta. Flows enable the user to transform information that enters and exits a contract. Steps in a Flow can be chained together for integration with data sources and web services, ranging from simple API integrations to complex and conditional events. Using the Flows feature, users can now easily build workflows that include contract documents! Learn how to create your first trigger flow.

You can request access to the Flows Beta by logging into Clause and using the chat icon.

Recurring Triggers

You can now set trigger flows to trigger on a recurring basis. This enables a flow to be triggered repeatedly at a frequency you set.

Import and Export Flows™

Flows can now be imported to and exported from Clause. This enables you to save flows on your own computer, share flows with colleagues, and edit flows in a text editor of your choice rather than the flows editor.

FlowsTM Expression Language

We've added a powerful expression language to Flows, so that a Step in a Flow can refer to and transform the outputs from prior Steps. For instance, when a value returned by an HTTP services has to be used to in a JSONata step to define a payload to be sent to a Clause.

To facilitate this, we've implemented two ways of referencing outputs of previous steps: Mustache tags, and JSONata expressions.

Learn more on the Clause Documentation

Flows™ Step library

Previously, we've had actions that are executed after the clause is triggered. Now, we are replacing them with action flows and a step library. Each step is a configurable integration.

The following steps are implemented:

HTTP request, JSONata transformation, Email message, Stripe create charge, Kafka message, MQTT message, Slack message, Ethereum transfer and Stellar transfer.

New Features

Flows isn't all we've worked on these past two weeks. Clause has some new quality-of-life features that will make contract management even easier.

Sign Contracts Offline

Have you signed your contract offline or in another contract management system, but still want to automate it in Clause? No Problem! In Clause you can now bypass the signing step and skip straight to running status. This is also be helpful for documents that you would like to automate but don't require signatories like a contract.

To bypass signing, click a document's options menu while on the contract dashboard or within the document itself, and choose "Sign Offline".

Copy Contracts with Clause API

The Clause API now has a brand new contract copy operation located on:

POST /contract/{contractId}/copy

You only need to provide your authorization JWT (JSON Web Token) and a complete copy of the specified contract is created, including Smart Clause® Templates and Flows. This enables you to create multiple instances of the same contract without having to reconfigure the Smart Clause® Templates and Flows, potentially saving a great deal of time.

Soon you will be able to duplicate contracts entirely within the UI. Stay tuned!


  • Flows Beta 2
  • Flows Recurring triggers
  • Flows import and export
  • Flow Expression Language
  • Flows Step library
  • Sign Contracts Offline
  • Copy Contracts with Clause API