Public Beta!

Just over a week ago we launched the Clause Public Beta. The response has been tremendous. Over one hundred new users have created Clause accounts and learned how Clause can help make their contracts more connected.

Read our blog post about the launch to learn more.

Are you reading these release notes but for some reason still haven't joined the beta? Sign up now at and see how Clause lets you connect contracts to your existing tools so that you can automate business processes and contract management.

Rather than rest on our laurels, we've continued improving the Clause platform and already have a lot to share for first post-launch update.

Stellar transfer

We are excited to announce that using a new experimental Custom Action you can now connect your Smart Clauses® to Stellar to make payments on the Stellar network!

A Stellar payment from a contract
A Stellar transfer in the contract timeline

Using a Custom Action you can set the source and destination accounts for the Stellar transaction, memo, currency and amount. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Ahhh... how refreshing

Previously, if you wanted to refresh the contract timeline you would have to refresh the entire webpage. No longer! Now you can simply click the new Refresh button on the timeline tab to see all of your contract's events.

Beautiful buttons

New buttons and other minor aesthetic updates have been added. Clause has never looked better!

Upload contracts from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or Gmail

Did you know that you can easily upload your PDF or MS Word contracts from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or Gmail? This week we fixed an issue on Safari so that this now works for Safari users as well; just press the "Browse Files" button on the contract dashboard.

Migrating existing contracts to the public beta

Were you a participant in our closed beta? If so, be sure to check out our documentation on how to migrate your existing contracts to the public beta.


  • You can now refresh the timeline without refreshing the entire webpage
  • Experimental Stellar payment transfer
  • Contract Editor: Preview Smart Clause® Template details from the contract editor while browsing clauses
  • Contract Editor: A PDF preview can now be generated for draft contracts
  • Guide for migrating your contracts from the closed beta to the public beta
  • Clause now works with the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Late Delivery and Penalty has been updated to emit a Payment Obligation
  • Contract Editor: Improved validation errors when adding/editing the "Full Payment on Signature" Smart Clause® Template for a more user friendly experience
  • Updated UI theme to improve aesthetics, including new button styles