Parsa Pezeshki

Parsa, recently you’ve had some notable achievements in your role as Head of Business Development. Can you tell us a little about your general approach to business development and at a high level how it intersects with legal, partnerships, and  product efforts?

I’m a lawyer but also a generalist, so the multitudes of legal, product, marketing, and business questions that a given project at a tech company like Clause introduces is what intrigues me. Many of the product partnerships we’ve worked on (e.g. with Experian, Plaid, Stripe, and GIACT) require a generalist’s sensibility and inquisitiveness, and the willingness to tap the right resources (read, our superb engineering team!) to get things done.

You’ve led a number of product partnerships that allow users to integrate financial data with smart legal contracts (and the webinars to back them!). Super cool! What goes into putting in place a partnership like that? What are the hallmarks of a successful business relationship?

It’s easy: a pure team effort. A lot of it is playing a genuine empathy game: understanding the problems of our users, where the market is heading, what our product needs, what the priorities of our partners are, and so on. Then it’s good-old project management. There can be many indicators of successful partnerships, but the top one I’d point out is happy users.

I know that recently you’ve been researching wellbeing and wellness for our employees. What are some of the things you’ve learned over the past year, and during a global pandemic.

Although the problems posed by a pandemic are global, everyone feels them differently. The insight for me has been about prioritizing better. Effective prioritization makes me more productive, which in turn increases my wellbeing. It’s easy to lose focus when the world seems to be losing itself around you. It’s also about context for me: appreciating why I do what I’m doing, in any given moment, gives me more fulfillment.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Enjoy life! Enriched by reading (a lot of fiction) and playing football (the real one) ⚽