Petr Gazarov

Petr, you are the User Interface Lead for Clause. What attracted you to join the team?

The problem the team is solving is interesting. I also have freedom to make decisions that impact the product and the technologies we use. Additionally, Clause offers a flexible and remote work environment, which allows me to work from anywhere.

Building a scalable user-interface for multi-party contract management seems like a challenging undertaking! Can you tell us about any key features your team is working on?

We have an ambitious roadmap with key features such as being able to collaborate on contract creation and drafting, implementing different access level for users and being able to track the recent activity pertaining to contracts. Our frontend application, Clause Hub, grows very quickly. Part of the challenge is to manage code complexity as we add more features and increase the size of the codebase.

What does the technology stack look like?

On the front-end, we are using React.js/Redux, Webpack and Babel and are experimenting with Nightwatch for testing. We rely heavily on many popular frontend libraries such as redux-form and draft.js.

When will people be able to try the user interface for themselves? What are the roll out plans?

Roll out of beta is currently planned for end of February. Users will be able to see quite a lot of what we are working on. In addition, we’ll keep releasing new features in the upcoming months.

What do you like to do when you aren’t programming?

I like to travel and read non-fiction books!