Radhika Kotangoor

Radhika, you’ve been at Clause for about 6 months, and have had a big impact on our trial experience, and our integration with DocuSign. Can you tell us a little about what you’ve worked on, and learned, in your first 6 months?

I started by building a custom React pagination component which can be used throughout the Clause web user interface. It is currently being used by some of our internal CI/CD and administration tools.

Clause Internal CI/CD Deployment Tool

I then moved on to centralize the Clause University related courses and other Clause help articles and tutorials by creating a new Learning Resources widget. We wanted to place our learning resources front-and-center for trial users!

Learning Resources Widget

I also coordinate the joint engineering work that we perform with our strategic partner, DocuSign, particularly around their DocuSign Data Verification feature, which is powered by the Clause API. I've had to dive deep into DocuSign APIs as well as the structure of DocuSign templates and envelopes!

Open Source contribution is a big part of the culture at Clause, and I've contributed to the Accord Project web-components repository migtating it from Travis CI to using Github Actions.

Finally, I've supported Clause customers and partners such as Alexander Tutoring and GIACT.

It has been challenging to onboard new employees during a global pandemic. What do you think Clause has done well, and where do you think there’s room for improvement, or innovation?

I thought the Clause onboarding documentation and checklists were great, as they really helped me get up to speed quickly.

There is still room to improve the internal and external product documentation so that newcomers can quickly understand the details of the Clause microservice architecture.

Are there any technical trends or innovations that you are researching, or excited about?

I have always been interested in Blockchain technology, although I haven’t had much exposure to it. I recently downloaded IBM Blockchain for Dummies (3rd edition) and started reading it.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I love cooking, gardening, and roaming around my backyard to check up on my plants. I spend time with my family and when there is free time, I like to watch crime and investigation short films.