Cicero 0.21

Cicero 0.21 is a major release of the templating system from Accord Project underlying Clause, offering improved markdown support and better performances for contract drafting. See the full release notes for Cicero 0.21.

Cicero 0.21 also powers improvements in the Clause UI, with the following highlights:

PDF Enhancements

We’ve improved the PDF generation for Smart Contracts in Clause to look more like a traditional contract. You can save your Smart Contract as a PDF and share it with counter-parties as you would a contract without connected capabilities. These changes include:

  • There are no longer quotation marks around variables
  • Serif font to match a traditional contract
  • Smart Clause® Instances are no longer distinguished from regular contract text
  • The ability for users to specify page breaks

Imported PDFs now have fewer errors when imported into the editor, with paragraphs and page breaks preserved.

Variable Enhancements

Monetary amounts, dates and numbers now all support locale specific formatting, allowing template developers fine-grained control over how variables are displayed and edited.

When multiple occurrences of a variable are present in a Clause and one of the occurrences is edited all occurrences are automatically updated and are kept in sync.

Conditional Text Enhancements

Conditional text in a Smart Clause™ lets you draft contracts where some of the text can be included or omitted at the time of drafting. Using the new optional blocks from Cicero 0.21, such conditional text can now contain variables as well, offering more expressiveness and flexibility during drafting.


Compute values directly in your contract text! In the example below a formula is used to automatically calculate the monthly payments from the amount of the loan, the interest rate and the term. This guarantees those values always remain consistent with your other contract variables.

UI improvements

Variable Form UI Improvements

The dynamic web-forms used to edit variables as well as to submit test data to clauses have been enhanced to improve usability for lists and relationships. When relationships are edited the type of the relationship is displayed in the web form.

Clearer error handling

Clause now makes it more clear which Smart Clause® templates have a parse error by adding a red border to those clauses.

Create Task URL step has been enhanced to support retrieving Stripe tokens for Plaid linked bank accounts, and the documentation has been improved.

Use this feature to enable Smart Clause templates to automatically create Stripe payment sources for bank accounts supported by Plaid. See Plaid’s documentation for details.

In addition the Plaid integration has been updated to use Plaid link tokens, rather than public keys, and now supports selecting the country codes and language to be used by the Plaid Link user interface.