Staying Safe and Working Remotely

Like most companies, the Clause team has shifted to working entirely from home to do our part in stopping the spread of Coronavirus and to keep our team safe. However, Clause had a strong remote work culture before the current situation, so we have been able to keep improving our product without skipping a beat! Here are some of the new features we've added in the past month:

Keyboard Shortcuts

The contract editor now has keyboard shortcuts for all formatting options. To see the keyboard shortcut, hover over the icons in the formatting toolbar.

Flows™ Improvements

Contract Lifecycle Actions in Flows™

Flows™ can now be triggered by contract events, such as a contract being sent out for signatures, the contract being signed by all signatories, and more. This allows users greater flexibility in creating Flows™ that respond to common contract events.

One simple example of how you can use this new feature is by setting a contract to send a Slack notification to the contract creator every time someone signs the contract, or sending all the contract data to Salesforce when everyone has signed the contract.

Data Tables

Clause can now manage structured tabular data. Tables are useful for many kinds of reference and look-up data, and managing them within Clause can simplify your deployment architecture.

Create a new table in Clause by uploading a comma separated values file (CSV) in your settings or via API. Modified tables can be similarly downloaded as CSV.

You can then use two new table Steps in Flows™ to read and write to your tables.

Reading a row from a table:

Updating a row in a table:

Thanks for taking the time to read this update. Please stay safe and follow your local government's recommendations.


  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Data Tables
  • Contract Lifecycle Actions in Flows™